Hiking Club

Pack 107 Hiking Club Rules

  1. All Pack 107 Cub Scouts are members of the Hiking Club. Parents or Guardians, and siblings are encouraged to attend, but may not earn mile awards.
  2. Hiking mileage will only be awarded for official Den, Pack 107, or Three Fires Council sanctioned events. Mileage credit will not be awarded for vacations, family outings, or other non-Pack related activities. Miles will not be transferred from other pack hiking clubs.
  3. Two adults, one who is a trained leader, must lead the activities. One adult leader will be assigned to the front and guide the group hikes. The other adult is assigned the “tail” position – no Scouts are allowed behind the tail adult. An older scout may assist the adult leader and co-lead the hike. This will allow the scout to practice map reading and decision making along the route.
  4. All Pack/Den hikes should have a purpose, i.e: explore a trail; perform community service, or theme hike.
  5. Dens can submit no more than 10 miles per scouting year (either 10 hikes of 1 mile each or 1 hike up to 10 miles) are allowed as long as the “purpose” of the meeting is the hike, i.e. to and from a den outing DO NOT count.
  6. A Den (or Pack) may credit miles for a community service event or project of at least 1 mile. For example: street/park clean-up, American flag distribution, local trail, etc…
  7. The Den leader must submit all qualifying miles, with details (mileage, event location, and name of Scouts) to the Hiking Coordinator or Committee Chair by the end of the scouting year.
  8. The Hiking Club award schedule is listed below. All awards will be presented at the next Pack meeting after the award threshold is surpassed, provided the appropriate segments are available.

Mileage Award

1st hike            Hiking Segment
10                     Brag Vest Segment (X)
20                    Brag Vest Segment (X)
30                    Brag Vest Segment (X)
40                    Brag Vest Segment (X)
50                    50 Mile Patch and Hiking Stick
60                    Brag Vest Segment (X)
70                    Brag Vest Segment (X)
80                    Brag Vest Segment (X)
90                    Brag Vest Segment (X)
100                   100 Mile Patch
110                    Red Bear Claw
120                   Blue Bear Claw
130                   Green Bear Claw
140                   Yellow Bear Claw
150                   White Bear Claw and 150 Mile Patch
160                   Red Arrow Head
170                    Blue Arrow Head
180                    Green Arrow Head
190                    Yellow Arrow Head
200                   White Arrow Head with 200 Mile Patch
200+                 Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and White schedule with Eagle Claws

2019 Hiking CLub revised