2019 Popcorn Sales

It’s popcorn time!

This guide is meant to assist you and your scout with the 2018 Pack 107 Popcorn Sale. If you have any further questions, please contact Lynwood and Jamie Schambach, this year’s Popcorn Kernels. Their contact information is at the bottom of this page.

In addition to the information on this web page, there are  PDF documents which can be viewed, downloaded or emailed.

Rules for Door-to-Door Sales

Rules for Table Sales

Show n Sell Sign up

Popcorn Garage Volunteer sign up

Our Pack 107 Goal is to sell $33,000 in popcorn!

This is only $350 per scout.

Important Dates

  • NOW: Online Sales have begun! You may sign up for online sales NOW at http://www.trails-end.com/
  • September 1: Sales start. Your scout may begin taking orders for products.
  • September 14: Popcorn Garage Opens at 39W963 Midan Dr, Elburn (Rite-Bite Fundraising Warehouse)
  • September 15: Show and Sells Begin
  • September 20: Popcorn Kick-Off at the Pack Meeting
  • October 06: Last Show and Sell
  • October 18: All orders are due at the Pack Meeting
  • November 15: Final Orders will be available for pickup.
  • December: Prizes will arrive for participating scouts

Order Forms
Order forms will be mailed to each scout from the Council and should arrive by the September 1st start date. Order forms will also be available at the Popcorn Garage and Pack Meetings.

Donations to Pack 107 DO NOT count toward the Council prize awards; however, the Pack receives 100% of the donation.

Military Donations
Military donations on the order forms count towards Council prize awards.

Money Collection
We strongly encourage all scouts to collect payment at the time the order is taken.  This will assist in the timely receipt of funds on October 22nd.  Payment may be made by cash or check payable to PACK 107.  Cash payments should be turned in to the Pack.  At no time should cash be deposited into a personal bank account and a check written to the Pack.  If you are uncomfortable holding on to cash, you may turn it in at the garage and we will keep a record of your payment.

Council Prizes
Prizes will arrive sometime in December from the Council.  Parents will be sent an email notifying them of their scout’s sales levels.

Pack Prizes
All boys that earn $350 in sales, or $100 in donations will be eligible to attend a super fun popcorn party!  Stay tuned for details!

Please review the Safety Guidelines with your scout.

Popcorn Garage
The Popcorn Garage will be open beginning on September 14th.  The Popcorn Garage will be available to Dens to pick up popcorn products for Show and Sells.  Individual scouts may also pick up products to sell door-to door. Quantities will be limited and need to be returned on the next day the popcorn garage is open for show and sells and one week for door to door sales without exception.

Please see attached forms with more information on prizes and safety.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Lynwood Schambach

Pack 107 Popcorn Kernel

(630) 701-5631



Popcorn Garage Location:

Rite Bite Fundraising Warehouse

39W963 Midan Drive, Elburn